Vowel Play


Space ParotThe text of this book is divided into two sections. The first section is poems and stories using only one vowel - A E I O U. A challenge to be sure. The second section is made up of Limericks with additional sentences. All are based on a particular sound: the long E as in WE, or the Z as in Zoo. The finishing sentences are mainly meant to show different spellings of the particular sound.

The Lunar Crew: based on the sound long U as in Shoot



coptic spineThe book itself is a multi-signature hard cover with coptic stitch binding. Signatures are a small group of sheets folded in half, then put in a pile. Coptic stitching creates a pleasing braid pattern on the exposed pine. The covers were made from matt board and covered with handmade jean bookpaper. The endpapers are letter pattern designs.


The book coverletter patterned endpapers